One location, two shops

Interesting breakfast and lunch

From 8h45 to 15h00

Curry for lunch and supper

From 12h00 to 21h00

Call us on 0835480708


Contact us at 0835480708
(Please do not SMS)

Both Ragamuffin Curry and Ragamuffin Café located at 3 Mains Avenue,  Kenilworth.  (Next to Noyes Pharmacy, before the post office.)




a playful and affectionate term for a child in mismatched, scruffy clothes


rustic, childlike playful, tongue in cheek, imperfect

Thinus’ story

I always loved cooking, but I studied mechanical engineering, I even got my masters degree and was busy with my PhD, when I decided to leave engineering behind and start my journey into a career in food in 2014.

Although the change has been brewing in me for a while, verbalizing it and actually making the decision was a big deal. Not just for me, but for people around me.

My wife played a big part in the decision, and has been a part ever since.

We started trading at the Blue Bird Garage Food and Goods Market at the beginning of 2015. Selling an eclectic array of slow cooked food. Not quite fitting in, both in terms of my background and our menu made us decide on the name Ragamuffin – something rustic, yet playful, a little vulnerable, and yet finding a confidence in our vulnerability.

Ragamuffin is more than just me now. It includes more and more, and the name has become a wonderful vehicle in our journey, giving us licence to be a little bit different, a little bit more daring and accepting of imperfection.

Besides, I’m not allowed to open an authentic curry place, I have no cultural heritage to rely on, but I’m allowed to open a Ragamuffin Curry place 🙂

Thinus in front of shop