My favourite cooking resources online




VahRehVah is the gold standard of curry on YouTube, with hundreds of recipes. He taught me how to cook curry.  Even though some of the videos have aged a bit, his sheer charisma makes up for it.

Bong Eats does the food of Kolkata and Bengali, that is East Indian cooking. The modern style, and gentle pace makes these video very relaxing.

Get Curried is another noteworthy curry cooking channel, with a mountain of content.  They have a variety of presenters, all of them excellent.


Chinese Cooking Demystified is nearly the only quality Chinese cooking resource in English. They do a great job of presenting authentic Chinese food, and has led to a paradigm shift in what I consider Chinese cooking.

Adam Liaw is the winner of the first Master Chef. His approach is pragmatic, but tasty. And his love for the food really shines through in his videos.

Maangchi is the go to for Korean food online. This Korean Fried Chicken is fantastic.

Marion’s Kitchen also deserves a mention. Her food is more South East Asian, and easier and more accessible than others in this list.

Taste Show and Souped Up Recipes also deserves a mention.


Food Wishes is a great resource. His explanations are great for beginners and the variety on his channel keeps it interesting.

Internet Shaquille is a to the point cooking channel with a slightly off sense of humour. He talks about ideas, not just a single recipe.


While these certainly do recipes, they are more for entertainment.

You Suck at Cooking has a dry, dead pan, and yet surreal humour. Also check out their guide to chopping an onion.

Dianxi Xiaoge is a Chinese cooking channel. She undertakes massive “from scratch” projects in Chinese countryside. Even going as far as foraging for – or harvesting the ingredients herself. The production value is incredibly high, and tends to feel more like a TV documentary than a YouTube channel.

Obvious ones

These are very popular, so I don’t want to put them first. If you haven’t seen them they are worth a look.


Serious Eats is the first place I check for a recipe if I have something in mind. Their recipes are very well thought through, and their write up give you a good understanding of the principals behind the recipe.

Saveur and Food 52 are two straight forward sites with high quality recipes.

Ideas in Food is considered one of the most creative food blogs out there.

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